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NETM is committed to build a distributed and converged data system, which will share and consolidate data resources under a framework protocol for storage distribution, and realize transactions through the network, that provide applications from various distributed scenarios, and open more foundations Module, share!


Contract Details Contract

NETM has been released on the Ethereum Blockchain. It will be compatible with third-party wallet service, exchanges etc, and provides easy-to-use integration.

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       New Intel Tech Media

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       Etherscan Explorer
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New Contract Address

We abandoned our old contract address:0xe30a76ec9168639f09061e602924ae601d34106
Here is our new contract address:

TOKEN distribution


Roadmap RoadMap

May 2018


September 2018

Airdrop Plan

September 2018

White Paper

November 2018

Exchange List

December 2018

Test Network

January 2019

Deploying Nodes

February 2019


June 2019

Network Line

Team Team

Steven Golestani

Co-Founder of Distilled Analytics

Masters in Computer at Northeastern University

Software Engineer in Google 2015

Vincent Sinofsky

Director of Web Applications, CSM

VP of Engineering at Pliralsight

Sr. Technical Product Manager at Amazon

Anna Feinberg

Territory Manager at Lawson Products

Sales Director at Platinum Recruiting

Dmitry Shevelenko

Business Advisor at marcus evans Group

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